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About Us

We are a leading company in the field f aluminum systems industry with the latest construction and decoration, and from the principle of meeting the growing domestic demand with competitive price and high quality, we have a factory that can cover the market demands and reach the customer’s confidence in providing the best and services at reasonable prices at affordable prices through the most skilled engineers and technicians. We are keen to meet the needs of customers in providing different sizes and options of multiple colors periodically on a continuous basis.

it is considered to be one of the most famous buildings in the world of construction and decoration Recently, in light of the increasing demand fr aluminum cladding and the search for quality, we are trying to establish a factory in Egypt to be a pioneer in this field.
Inside and outside Cairo, the factory priorities provide many colors in large quantities and so for them and features characterized by such as light weight and heat insulation and fire resistance and low cost and ease of installation is suitable for all buildings old and modern

Our Messages

Seeking to achieve leadership as the first aluminum cladding plant covering the requirements of Middle East, in addition to the application of international quality standards

Our Goals

Meet all the needs of customers in the Middle East by providing superior quality and wide choice of colors to be the preferred customer

Our Future Plan

we have the vision to help us plan for the future without losing our traditional business culture.
Our vision is to reach our products with high quality and services in a more economical way aiming to build a customer base satisfied with our performance and provide our customers with the best and best services in the field of cladding exterior building facades with the latest technologies and best methods