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Glass Handrailing

Glass railing is a strong option for modern and contemporary homes and buildings. Adding glass railing to your project can give it that extra bit of zest to set it apart. But everyone wants to know about two things with glass railing: safety and maintenance 

Is Glass Railing Safe? 

When using the correct type of glass, glass railing is a very safe option for both residential and commercial uses. It’s good to check local requirements for each of the following aspects when considering glass railing: 

  • Glass & thickness 
  • Railing Heights 
  • Handrails and Toprails 
  • Mounting Surfaces 

Glass railing has been used for decades and you will often see it used in malls, stadiums, airports and other high traffic settings. This is because it is one of the strongest, durable, and safe railing options available. There are gaps or moving parts to worry about. The tempering process that all panels are subjected to strengthens the glass. When mounted properly, these panels well exceed code requirements for railing strength. 

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