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Home Shower Cabinet

What is a shower cabin?

Our shower cabins can be customized and tailored to meet your dimension needs and aesthetic preferences. Shower cabins are practical and modern, taking up less space in bathrooms and are more modern than traditional tubs. Shower cabins are also safer they prevent water leakage and are easy to change. Clear Shield is added to glass to prevent water spots and staining. They can also be extremely decorative with a variety of effects like sandblasting, laser engraving to add personality to your bath experience


Larger Appearance

The glass surrounding a glass shower enclosure does not cut a small bathroom in half visually as an opaque shower curtain and tub can, leading to a bathroom that appears to be larger. In addition, if your current bathtub takes up much of the floor space in a small bathroom, a glass shower enclosure can free up much-needed space.


Easy Access

People who are aging or who suffer from arthritis or other disabilities can struggle to step over the sides of a bathtub to enter it. Glass shower enclosures make entering the shower easy for people with mobility or pain problems because they don’t need to step over anything to get in the shower.


Shower Design Options

You are not limited to one type or even color of glass when designing your glass shower enclosure. While clear, non-textured glass is always an option, you can instead opt for glass that is tinted or textured. Glass enclosures have two main door style options: sliding and swinging. Swinging doors are also called pivot doors or hinged doors. Swinging doors can swing outward or both inward and outward. They are best for larger bathrooms. Sliding doors are best for small bathrooms and smaller showers since they don’t need extra floor space to swing inward or outward. 


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